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Thinking Thanksgiving at the White House at one Modesto farm

If you want a pardon from the president, you'd better be on your best behavior.

Same goes for turkeys.

Foster Farms is raising the bird that will be "pardoned" by President Barack Obama this year in a Thanksgiving tradition dating to 1989.

Thursday morning at a company ranch east of Modesto, the Foster Farms folks talked about how this turkey will be chosen from 25 candidates that hatched a week ago.

A calm demeanor amid a crowd of people is vital, because the pardon will be issued at a White House media event.

"Hopefully, it will behave on national TV," said Ira Brister, who oversees all of Foster Farms' live turkeys and will help present the bird to Obama just before the holiday.

The turkey also will have to get used to being loaded into a travel crate for the flight to Washington, D.C., and sitting on a table next to the president.

"Good table manners" is how Brister put it.

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