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Boxer has huge cash advantage over Fiorina

WASHINGTON — Carly Fiorina has $620,000 in the bank. Barbara Boxer has more than 18 times as much, or $11.3 million.

That's the financial state of California's Senate race, according to fundraising reports released today.

Fiorina, the GOP Senate nominee, raised nearly $1.4 million during the latest reporting period, from May 20 to June 30, the campaign said. Since announcing her candidacy last year, Fiorina has raised $5.1 million for her campaign, and she has made loans to her campaign totaling $5.5 million.

Boxer, the three-term Democratic incumbent, raised $2.6 million during the latest reporting period, according to her campaign. Her campaign has now raised a total of $19 million.

Appearing at a campaign stop in Sacramento, Fiorina said the money raised in the most recent reporting period was "an extremely impressive figure."

"Remember that Barbara Boxer has been raising money for two years, hasn't had to spend a dime of it because she hasn't been through a primary," she said.

Fiorina declined to answer a reporter's questions about whether she plans to put any of her own money into her general election bid, or whether she will repay the loan she made to her campaign in the primary.

In a statement accompanying its report, Fiorina's campaign said "there's no denying that we're starting … at a significant cash disadvantage to Boxer." But the statement said the campaign expects to have enough money "to compete and win this race in November."

Boxer campaign manager Rose Kapolczynski said that Boxer "is facing a tough campaign against a wealthy opponent who is self-funding" her campaign.

Nevertheless, she said, "the response from our supporters has been overwhelming."

(Staff writer David Siders contributed to this report.)