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California Republicans seek to unravel Obama's health care law

WASHINGTON – Rep. Wally Herger wants to junk the new federal health care law, saying small businesses are under siege and "looming devastation" awaits the economy.

Rep. Dan Lungren opts for a more incremental approach, proposing to scrap some reporting requirements for small businesses contained in the law.

While their bills have yet to win a hearing, the California Republicans are among those leading the charge on Capitol Hill to dismantle President Barack Obama's crowning achievement. Even if the bills don't advance, the issue is sure to provide fodder in this year's political campaigns, with Republicans calculating it's a winning issue for them.

In California's Senate race, for example, GOP nominee Carly Fiorina has called for repeal of the law as she tries to deny a fourth term to Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Democrats who control Congress say the Republicans are playing politics and wasting time.

"Repeal health care? Are you kidding?" asked Sacramento Democratic Rep. Doris Matsui. "My goodness, we worked over a year and a half on that and consulted with a lot of people and realized that this is an important part and fabric of American life. It is now law, and I'd have no intention of repealing this thing at all."

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