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Greene had legitimate sources for South Carolina election fees

Alvin Greene, the obscure jobless man whose come-from-nowhere victory in the June Democratic primary for U.S. Senate created a national furor, had legitimate sources of income to finance his $10,400 primary entry fee, law enforcement sources said Friday.

He will not face criminal deception charges, according to SLED, for requesting a taxpayer funded attorney in a still pending criminal case against him. State law enforcement investigated Greene’s finances after questions were raised about how he could qualify for indigent defense and still afford the U.S. Senate filing fee.

Greene's surprise victory over prominent former circuit judge Vic Rawl caused many to speculate that well-to-do Republican operatives had secretly bankrolled Greene’s primary entry fee to sabotage the primary.

The mystery surrounding Greene’s victory also caused comedians to make South Carolina – already a laughingstock due to sex allegations surrounding Gov. Mark Sanford and gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley – once again the butt of numerous national jokes.

But the real source of the bulk of Greene’s money has turned out to be none other than the U.S. government and the S.C. state government, said SLED director Reggie Lloyd.

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