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Dead candidate gets 1,000 votes in Kentucky council race

GEORGETOWN — Several customers gathered for lunch Wednesday with newspapers spread across tables at Fava's on Main Street.

The conversations in the small restaurant centered around one topic: Vickie Moore's 1,002 votes for city council in Tuesday's primary election. Moore, 54, died from a heart attack on April 4.

When the results rolled in Tuesday night, Moore was among the top 16 vote-getters who would move on to the general election for city council in November. David Lusby led the race with 2,655 votes.

Election officials say Moore's name will be dropped and Antonio Barber Sr. will fill the final general election slot.

It's not clear what prompted more than 1,000 residents to vote for a candidate who could not serve. Some think it was out of dislike for other candidates. Many see it as a tribute to Moore's memory. But some attribute the votes to people who simply didn't read the signs.

Moore's husband, Bill Moore, said in a telephone interview that when he arrived at the polls there were large signs informing voters that Vickie was deceased and her votes would not be counted.

Jerry Humphrey, who was having lunch at the Main Street restaurant, was among those who didn't see those signs. Humphrey said he cast his vote for Moore based on her solid reputation in the community.

"I had heard good things about her. I didn't realize (she was dead)," he said.

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