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Washington state won't cite drivers for talking on the phone

A crackdown on talking on the phone while driving might have to wait for future years.

The state House decided Wednesday evening against allowing drivers to be pulled over for making calls.

Sen. Tracey Eide of Federal Way has pushed to make use of a phone handset a primary offense for drivers, allowing police to pull them over. She won agreement from the Senate, but she signaled earlier Wednesday that she would accept what the House sent back as a compromise measure.

What remains of Senate Bill 6345 would make it a primary offense to send a text message while driving, and would ban all phone use by drivers under 18 years of age.

“I’m disappointed, needless to say,” said Eide, a Democrat. “People need to realize you’re putting everybody’s lives in danger when you pick up that cell phone.”

Still, she said: “It’s the art of compromise here.”

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