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Ron Paul follower going RINO hunting in Boise

Challis McAffee, fresh from his guilty plea to assault after pulling a .357 Magnum on a man, is going hunting tonight. His target: Republicans in Name Only.

McAffee, a Ron Paul supporter, is leading an insurgency aiming to control the Idaho Republican Party organization.

Tonight's event in Boise is called, "Operation: RINO Hunter."

McAffee calls "establishment" Republicans "dirty" and "power-hungry elitists" who "only care about sucking up to power."

Working with marijuana legalization champion Ryan Davidson, McAffee is recruiting candidates for precinct committeemen. About 900 committeemen constitute county central committees across Idaho, with 141 in Ada County. They will be elected in the May 25 primary.

In the 2008 presidential primary, Paul, a Texas Republican congressman and former Libertarian, got 24 percent of the Idaho vote, his best showing anywhere.

In that same primary, Idaho "Ron Paulers" won enough precinct seats to approach parity with traditional forces on the Ada County Republican Central Committee. A month later, at the state convention, their votes helped Norm Semanko oust Idaho GOP Chairman Kirk Sullivan.

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