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S.C. Republican calls anonmymous Web postings 'lynching'

North Carolina Republican Tim D'Annunzio's "Machine Gun Social" announcement elicited plenty of attacks on the 8th District congressional candidate. So he fired back.

D'Annunzio, running for Congress in the 8th District, is having a Machine Gun Social Thursday night. The event at Jim's Guns in Fayetteville runs from 6:30 p.m. "until the ammo runs out!"

"Just to clear things up," he wrote in his own post, "not that it will matter to the racist, typical red necked hicks that have now replaced 'N' word with their new bigoted hate, Jim's (gun shop) is providing the "Machine Guns" and I have organized the "Social". And yes they are real machine guns. Hiding behind these web sites as "anonymous" is the same as hiding under a the white hood, COWARDS.You wouldn't dare say these things to my face, but I wouldn't have any trouble telling you this same thing to yours, if you dared."

Today, he really vented.

"The old racist red-neck hick was somebody who used the 'n' word and focused all their attention on blacks," he said when asked about his post. "Now, it's that same type of person. The new buzz words are 'Christian' and 'Conservative' and 'Constitutionalist.' They're the targets of those same basic haters .... They're now doing their lynching via the Internet."

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