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Washington State takes first steps towards raising taxes

Senate Democrats took a first step Wednesday toward raising taxes by introducing a bill to amend voter-approved Initiative 960 to temporarily get rid of its requirement for a two-thirds vote for tax increases.

In the House, Finance Committee chairman Ross Hunter introduced a separate measure that would raise or protect up to $363 million in revenue in the next year by eliminating a series of tax exemptions. He said his measure can’t be passed without changes to I-960.

Hunter’s tax plan includes provisions to undo the effects of a court ruling in the Dot Foods case that affects supplies for door-to-door sales as well as provisions to tax out-of-state companies that do a certain amount of business in the state. Others would tax airplane ownership and close a sales-tax exemption for out-of-state residents such as Oregonians who shop here. Others would affect mortgage deductions, tax debts and foreclosures.

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