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Obama, Biden to tout economic recovery plans in Tampa Bay

President Barack Obama is slated to appear in the Tampa Bay area on Thursday, one day after the State of the Union address and nearly one year after he pitched his economic stimulus plan in Florida.

Vice President Joe Biden, who visited Miami Saturday to show the administration's commitment to Haiti's recovery, is scheduled to join the president.

The White House did not release details Thursday about the visit.

Steve Schale, the Democratic strategist who ran Obama's winning campaign in Florida, said he expects the president to echo the message from his high-stakes speech the day before.

"There are few places that have been hit as hard by job losses as Florida, and I think you'll see him talk about his plans for getting the economy going again," Schale said.

Schale also noted the political importance of Tampa Bay as the hardest fought battleground in the nation's biggest swing state.

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