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Activist wants to boot out everyone in Congress

John Bitter is frustrated with people in Congress and the special interests that seem to bankroll them. His solution: Replace them all with regular citizens.

"These guys are not any smarter than you and me," said Bitter, owner of Johnny Burrito's restaurant in uptown Charlotte. "We can run the country."

Monday night he expects to be among those at a meeting hosted by GOOOH - "Get Out of Our House" - a group formed to evict all 435 members of the U.S. House.

The group, pronounced "Go," is promoted by talk radio and conservative commentators such as Lou Dobbs. Led by Texas businessman Tim Cox, it has captured the attention of people fed up with the system.

After Cox appeared recently on Fox News' "Fox & Friends," a spokesman for the group said 80,000 viewers went to GOOOH's Web site.

Cox, who plans to be at Monday's GOOOH meeting in Charlotte, said Friday the group has 50,000 supporters on its way to a goal of a half-million.

"The key reason is we're nonpartisan," he told the Observer. "We have a $12 trillion (debt) and everybody sees the way we're spending the money like a drunken sailor. The people of America of both parties understand this is wrong and we can't sustain it."

In Charlotte Monday, Cox will kick off a petition drive designed to get the GOOOH party on the November ballot in North Carolina. It needs 86,000 signatures by May 1.Read this story on Charlotte.com