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Georgia bill would allow guns in churches, political rallies

As it stands now, you cannot pack heat while listening to the preacher in a house of God.

But bills in both the state House and Senate aim to change that.

Similar bills filed last year in both chambers would, if enacted, change the locations where weapons could be taken and where they are prohibited. State Rep. Timothy Bearden, R-Villa Rica, is sponsoring House Bill 615, which would make it a crime to take a firearm, knife or explosive into a building that has a courtroom, jail or prison.

It would also remove existing restrictions on bringing a gun to a church or political rally, among other locations. However, you'd be required to have a Georgia firearms license permit, which allows having an open or concealed weapon, in order to have your gun at church.

"Do I expect that form of the bill will pass?" Bearden asked.

"No. But that's where I wanted to start. That's where debate needs to take place."

Bearden said his bill's purpose is to clarify the definition of "public gathering" and get a head start on an expected future decision on the Second Amendment by the U.S. Supreme Court.

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