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N.C. Sen. Burr's health care stand blasted by opponent Lewis

DURHAM — Democratic Senate candidate Kenneth Lewis criticized Republican Sen. Richard Burr's position on health care legislation Thursday, saying he was part of the Washington establishment that had blocked efforts to make health care more affordable.

He said Burr's opposition to Democratic efforts to overhaul health care insurance is an indication that he has spent too long in Washington.

Washington is "run by career politicians who care more about preserving the status quo, which is floating along on special interest money," Lewis told 40 people at a rally at an art gallery in a restored industrial building in Durham. "[Washington] cares more about health insurance company profits as opposed to providing affordable universal health care.''

He said that Burr has received $1.7 million in contributions from health care industry interests.

Lewis supports a health care bill that includes a public option that would provide competition for private insurance companies.

A resident of Chapel Hill, Lewis began his campaign effort Thursday in Durham, where he practices law. He is seeking to become the state's first African-American senator.

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