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In wake of Sanford, North Carolina state senators get ethics reminder

Charges Gov. Mark Sanford may have misspent campaign money on personal expenses are having a ripple effect among state senators.

State Sen. Wes Hayes, R-York, chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee, recently sent a letter to his fellow senators, reminding them state law bars them from spending money from their campaign accounts on meals and travel the state pays for.

"When a Member receives a subsistence or mileage allowance from the State and also is reimbursed for the same expenditure from his campaign account, such Member is reimbursed twice for the same expenditure," the letter reads in part. "The (ethics) committee believes that such act is synonymous with converting campaign funds to personal use which is prohibited."

Sanford faces charges by the State Ethics Commission that, on 10 occasions, he misspent nearly $3,000 in campaign dollars on personal expenses.

Hayes said he has no reason to think any senator has misspent campaign money.

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