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S.C. agenda: Speed limits, exotic pets, Sanford impeachment

If House lawmakers have their way in 2010, South Carolinians will be able to zoom 80 miles per hour instead of 70 along S.C. interstates. But they will be prohibited from text messaging, talking on cell phones or allowing children under 7 to sit in the front seat.

Those with health insurance can rest assured they won't be denied coverage if they ever are abused by a spouse. And those who own venomous reptiles and constricting snakes would be subject to stricter regulations.

Tuesday, House lawmakers got their first shot at prefiling legislation to be considered in the 2010 session that begins in January. Most of the 51 bills won't make it out of committee.

Still, the range of bills gives residents a sense of what is on their legislators' minds. House members will get a second chance in December to prefile more, as will senators.

One of the most-anticipated bills, a measure to impeach Gov. Mark Sanford, was prefiled and has been sent to the House Judiciary Committee, said House Speaker Bobby Harrell.

But unless there are new revelations of wrongdoing found in a State Ethics Commission investigation, Sanford should stay, Harrell said.

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