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Anchorage mayor must decide today on gay rights veto

ANCHORAGE — Hundreds of people who spent long hours packing Anchorage Assembly meetings this summer to argue about a proposal to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation are taking their cases to Mayor Dan Sullivan.

Sullivan's deadline arrives today for deciding if he will veto the compromise ordinance passed by a 7-4 Assembly vote last week. If he does veto, the Assembly would need an eighth vote to make the ordinance become law over the mayor's opposition.

"He's getting inundated" with e-mails and phone calls, the mayor's spokeswoman, Sarah Erkmann, said Sunday.

Most are urging a veto, perhaps by as much as a 4-to-1 ratio, Erkmann said.

The Anchorage Baptist Temple's Rev. Jerry Prevo, an ardent longtime opponent of the new ordinance and similar proposals over the past 30 years, provided a link to the mayor's e-mail address from the church's Web page and a related one for SOS Anchorage, an organization he formed several weeks ago to oppose the measure.

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