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In Macon, Senator Chambliss speaks about health-care reform

Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., addressed the issue of health-care reform with the Macon Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday afternoon on the Central Georgia Technical College campus in Macon.

While praising President Obama for making “a commitment to spend some political capital” to address the health-care issue, Chambliss told the audience that “the goal of a government-run option is to have everyone under a government-run plan.” Obama has consistently advocated establishing a government-offered health insurance plan as a strategy to bring down health-care costs through increased competition.

Appearing before reporters after his remarks, Chambliss elaborated.

“This is a president who has spearheaded the takeover of the financial system, the automobile industry in this country, who has put a stimulus package out there that has really increased the debt that we’re putting on our children and our grandchildren, who has put policies that as of today, have raised the deficit ... to 1.2 trillion dollars,” Chambliss said. “I think this president is committed to making sure that there is a government-run health-care system in this country, and the first step in doing that is to put a government option in place.”

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