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One last Palin battle to be fought in the Alaska legislature

A final battle remaining from the Sarah Palin era as Alaska governor closes Monday when the Legislature votes on whether to override her veto of federal stimulus money for energy cost relief.

The vote will happen in a one-day special session scheduled for the Egan Center in Anchorage, just the second time a special session has been held outside of the capital city of Juneau. It won't be easy to override Palin's veto — 75 percent of the Legislature has to vote for an override in joint session to make it happen.

"My sense over time is that the numbers to override the veto will be there at the end of the day. But I don't know for sure," said Rep. Mike Hawker, an Anchorage Republican who has led the efforts in the House on the stimulus package.

At least one lawmaker, Nome Rep. Richard Foster, isn't expected to attend. So even if all 59 other members of the Legislature show up, only 14 need to vote against the override in order for Palin's veto to stand.

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