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Alaska tells Palin she must disclose discounts, gifts

Sarah Palin resigned more than a week ago but a state watchdog agency and the courts are still sorting out issues left over from her time as governor.

In one lingering issue, the Alaska Public Offices Commission has refused Palin's request to keep secret the discounts that come from her husband's Arctic Cat sponsorship. APOC also said Palin needs to disclose all the gifts she received last year, rejecting her interpretation that she doesn't need to until after she gets around to actually opening the gifts.

Palin has told APOC "there are boxes of unopened mail at this point, even mail that was delivered in 2008."

Another question also pending is whether private e-mail accounts can be used for state business, a hot-button issue for a time under Palin. A judge on Tuesday heard arguments in a lawsuit by Anchorage activist Andree McLeod, who is seeking to ban the practice and is arguing it could hide information the public has a fundamental right to see.

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