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Sanford plans another trip, this one to Europe with Jenny, boys

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Gov. Mark Sanford said he is leaving the state Thursday with his wife and sons for a two-week European vacation.

Sanford said the trip long has been scheduled and was meant as a last family getaway with his family's four sons while they all still are living at home. (The oldest son soon will go to college.)

Sanford said he considered canceling the trip, but the children had raised money for the vacation.

Sanford said he also wanted to give his four sons a chance to get away from reading and hearing about their father in the news.

"I thought about pulling the plug" on the vacation, Sanford said. "Obviously, critics will criticize."

A number of lawmakers and others have questioned whether Sanford can run the state and repair his family at the same time.

This will be Sanford's fourth out-of-state trip since vanishing for five days to Argentina in mid-June. Upon his return, Sanford admitted to an extramarital affair. Since that time, Sanford has been in his office 14 of 24 work days.

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