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In anti-abortion speech, Kansas Rep. invokes Obama's mom

Republican Rep. Todd Tiahrt of Kansas has been waging a battle against taxpayer funding of abortions in the District of Columbia.

This week, he unveiled a new argument.

Speaking on the House floor, Tiahrt wondered: What if President Obama's mom had had the chance for a taxpayer-funded abortion?

"If that financial incentive was in place, is it possible that his mother may have taken advantage of it?" he asked.

Tiahrt reasoned, "If you think of it in human terms, there is a financial incentive that will be put in place, paid for by tax dollars, that will encourage women who are single parents, living below the poverty level, to have the opportunity for a free abortion. If you take that scenario and apply it to many of the great minds we have today, who would we have been deprived of? Our president grew up in a similar circumstance."

Tiahrt, who is running in the Republican Senate primary in Kansas next year, mentioned Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, too, asking "is it possible that we would be denied his great mind?"