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Music that greeted Obama in Ghana struck discordant note

They may love him in Ghana, but at least one song played during one of President Obama's events there Saturday was just a tad on the irreverent side.

Heck, it was downright impolitic. In fact, its message about abortion was much blunter than anything Obama heard the day before from Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican. And then there was the line about bombing innocent people.

The song, appropriately titled "Barack Obama" was played on loudspeakers as Obama and Ghana President John Atta Mills waded into a tent Saturday filled with local dignitaries.

The refrain was simple enough: “Barack, Barack, Barack Obama.”

Another line that also repeated several times: “As you keep the fire burning, black president…”

Then it waded into the kind of stuff presidents don’t normally hear unless they roll down the window of the limo as they pass protesters.

Said one line: “Judgment will come with Barack for legalizing unnecessary abortions in Africa.”

There was no sign that Obama caught any of the lyrics. Nor any hint that he knew what was next on the CD, though not played: “Cocaine in the Palace.”

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