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N.C. weighs removing word 'he' from state laws, constitution

The North Carolina House has approved a bill ordering a commission to study making state laws and the constitution gender-neutral.

The General Statutes Commission, an advisory panel of law experts, would study taking the "he" out of the state's laws. Rep. Deborah Ross, a Raleigh Democrat, said the usual solution would be to use titles, such as "governor" rather than changing the text to "he or she."

"The governor is referred to as 'he' throughout the entire constitution," Ross said. "The governor is female right now."

Rep. George Cleveland, a Jacksonville Republican, said he was not a big fan of political correctness, but his real objection was to making any changes to the state constitution.

"I have no problem with the female race whatsoever. I might be chauvinistic in a lot of ways," Cleveland said Monday night. "I have learned in my life that there are a lot of very intelligent, competent females who could lead me around by the nose . . . I have no problem with a female governor. I have no problem with a male governor. My problem is I want them all to be competent to lead our state."

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