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Palin ethics compaints should be kept private says Alaska Rep. Lynn

Anchorage Republican Rep. Bob Lynn, a supporter of Gov. Sarah Palin's, said he's going to introduce a bill to stop ethics complaints against the governor or members of her staff from being publicly discussed unless the state finds they have merit.

"An ethics complaint filed against a legislator is confidential until it's determined to have merit," Lynn said in a written statement. "If the complainant breaches confidentiality, then the case is dismissed."

Lynn said his bill would provide the same rule for complaints against the governor and all others who work in the state's executive branch – talk about the complaint, and it’s dismissed.

Lynn argued that, currently, "an unsubstantiated complaint can be all over the newspaper, TV, and talk radio before it's even investigated. That's not fair. It invites frivolous complaints by people with a political agenda, wasting public money and the time of everybody involved."

Palin has protested ethics complaints filed against her make a media splash -- only to then be dismissed by the state personnel board.

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