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Effort to recall Kansas City mayor ends for lack of money

KANSAS CITY — In the end, the effort to recall Mayor Mark Funkhouser simply ran out of money.

Petitioners who were trying to recall Kansas City's mayor said that they couldn’t afford the $10,000 in legal fees to seek a court order for a signature re-count.

The petitioners wanted the re-count because they had fallen just 129 short of the 16,950 signatures of registered voters required to trigger a recall election. City Council members said last week that they had no power to order a re-count.

"You really can't fight City Hall," recall organizer Anne McGregor said, describing the frustration she felt after coming so close to a goal that many political pundits had considered impossible.

For her part, McGregor said she was done with recall attempts.

She was especially disappointed that wealthy people whom the recall petitioners solicited would not provide the $10,000, even though they were so verbally disdainful of Funkhouser.

“A lot of it was people not wanting to stick their necks out,” she said.

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