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Opponent will drop bid for Texas governor if Perry adopts his issues

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, Texas -- Leo Berman has four conditions for dropping out of the GOP gubernatorial race — two of them involving states' rights and two anti-immigration.

The former Arlington City Council member, now a Republican state representative from Tyler, spoke Thursday to an "America's Awakening" rally that was punctuated by fighting words from the American right wing.

Berman, 73, said he had talked over lunch to Gov. Rick Perry about dropping his plans to challenge Perry for governor.

"He's going to let me know, and if he can agree with the four issues and if he can actually accept them as his own, then I'll step out of the race and endorse him for re-election as governor," he said.

Berman said he asked Perry to:

Agree to have Texas join a consortium of states that challenge any federal legislation that violates states' 10th Amendment rights.

Sign on, as governor, to a federal lawsuit that Berman said he expects Montana to file challenging the federal government’s regulation of intrastate commerce, such as guns manufactured in a state and sold only to residents of that state.

Order all state agencies to remove undocumented residents from benefit programs.

Arrange for the Homeland Security Department to train some state law enforcement workers so they can legally enforce immigration law.

Berman, well known for his opposition to illegal immigration, is seen as a potential spoiler in the Republican primary shaping up between Perry and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

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