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Kansas Sen. Roberts, Leavenworth residents don't want Gitmo inmates

LEAVENWORTH — Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas joined a very large chorus on Wednesday demanding that President Barack Obama not turn Fort Leavenworth into a replacement prison for alleged terrorists.

Of the 240 inmates at the detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, "at least 100 are very bad actors and still represent a real threat," Roberts said.

"These are people who are sociopaths and terrorists and killers and would stop at nothing to do harm to the United States."

Obama continues to insist that Guantanamo be closed and its inmates transferred to maximum-security prisons on the U.S. mainland.

But Roberts, as well as resident after resident here, insisted tonight that Fort Leavenworth was not the right place because it would pose too great a threat to nearby residents.

Roberts' solution: "I'm not opposed to keeping them at Gitmo."

The Republican, who toured the prison facilities at Leavenworth before meeting with reporters and citizens, said the problem was not that the prison could not accommodate the Guantanamo prisoners.

Rather, his chief concern is the potential threat from the outside.

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