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Bailouts, budgets, stimulus: How to keep track of it all

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama's fiscal 2010 budget request is only the latest in a series of recent massive federal spending programs that have arrived so fast and furiously that many Americans might have trouble keeping track of them all. Here are the main ones:

  • The emergency stimulus package, enacted two weeks ago: $787 billion over two years.
  • The bank bailout package, enacted in October: $700 billion.
  • The federal loans to GM and Chrysler: $17.4 billion so far; $21.6 billion more requested.
  • Obama's request last week for a new mortgage-foreclosure relief program: $275 billion.
  • Treasury provided $200 billion in September to shore up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as it placed the mortgage-finance giants in federal "conservatorship" indefinitely.
  • Federal Reserve's two-year, $85 billion loan to American International Group in September, in exchange for a roughly 80 percent stake in the global insurer.
  • Funds for the rest of fiscal 2009, through Sept. 30: $410 billion.
  • Total fiscal 2009 budget: $3.94 trillion.
  • Total Obama budget request for fiscal 2010: $3.55 trillion.
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