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Despite grumbling, Florida GOP chairman will be reelected

Florida Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer appears a slam dunk for reelection, with endorsements from every top GOP official and facing only two token opponents who worked for fringe presidential candidates Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter.

Yet grumbling about Greer has become a hobby for some politically active Republicans -- mostly in private and over the Internet -- since his patron is the most powerful politician in Florida, Gov. Charlie Crist.

E-mails dredging up decade-old speeding tickets and a 1993 drunk driving conviction are making the rounds as activists gather this weekend in Orlando for their state party's annual meeting. Some major donors are fuming over newspaper articles detailing his use of party money on chartered planes and a trip to London while Crist was on a trade mission.

On Wednesday, after weeks of encouraging speculation that he might vie for national party chairman, Greer summoned reporters to a press conference in Washington -- only to announce that he would not run. Instead, Greer is supporting former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, who would be the party's first black chairman.

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