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N. Carolina's new governor issues needs reports for state

RALEIGH - Gov.-elect Beverly Perdue today released a series of reports on a variety of challenges — from a lack of sufficient mental health care options to the high dropout rate in high schools — facing North Carolina as she prepares to take office next month.

The reports are the results of a series of meetings that Perdue and her staff have held in recent weeks with state officials, members of the public and representatives of various interest groups.

The reports cover each of the 10 Cabinet posts as well as aging, mental health, energy and military.

"These reports are a tremendous help as I look to find policy solutions for the challenges we face as a state and to improve service delivery to our citizens," Perdue said in a statement.

One of the recommendations calls for the creation of a new Cabinet-level position to oversee military affairs.

To view the final reports, go to bevperdue.com