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Georgia's gov. says budget will contain stimulus package

ATHENS — Gov. Sonny Perdue on Tuesday announced an "aggressive" state stimulus package of new infrastructure projects to help Georgia out of its economic malaise.

Perdue didn't discuss figures or specific projects, which will come out as his administration finishes a budget that the governor said they're "putting to bed right now." But Perdue said education and transportation projects would be particularly important as the state takes on debt to build new projects and put people to work.

The state issues bonds in most years to fund large construction projects and has issued about $1 billion in that kind of debt each year for the past several years. But this year Perdue specifically discussed bonded projects as a tool for job creation.

"We will have an aggressive bond package this year," Perdue told reporters following a speech to legislators gathered in Athens for a couple of days of pre-legislative session training and hobnobbing.

The governor's announcement came with some positive economic news: November revenue figures were up 1.4 percent for the state this year compared to November 2007.

But revenues are still down for the current fiscal year as a whole, and last year wasn't a good year for state finances, either. Perdue said the state's economic forecasters "don’t think we've fully harvested the downturn."

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