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Palin's fans and foes keep her in the spotlight

A California-based conservative group that hammered Democratic Sen. Barack Obama during the presidential election is launching a string of commercials this week praising Gov. Sarah Palin.

Designed to counter what the group calls attacks on Palin -- a potential presidential candidate in 2012 -- by "media elites," the ads begin airing in Alaska today.

But Palin's critics have been just as busy.

A group spearheaded by local left-leaning bloggers says the governor still has to answer for the findings of an abuse-of-power investigation finished during the campaign, and are pressing lawmakers to take action next session.

The group, Alaskans for Truth, says the Legislature ought to censure Palin for breaking ethics rules and hold hearings on whether the governor and her husband told investigators the truth.

First, the commercials.

They're paid for by a political action committee called the Our Country Deserves Better Committee, which originally formed in July to defeat Obama's presidential bid.

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