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It's almost official: Missouri went to McCain, by 4,300 votes

It looks like John McCain has won Missouri — the last state not marked in either red or blue on the electoral map.

The Missouri secretary of state's office said Tuesday night the Arizona Republican led President-elect Barack Obama by 4,355 votes out of 2,923,496 cast.

Assuming the state certifies the count, it will place the overall electoral vote at 365 for Obama and 173 for McCain.

The office said 3,159 provisional ballots remained to be added to those totals, but even if Obama won them all, McCain had a big enough margin to win the state's 11 electoral votes.

All of the state's voting jurisdictions were required to certify their votes by Tuesday, but four of them — St. Louis County, St. Louis, and Jackson and Montgomery counties — had not provided totals by the close of business, the office said.

State law allows counties to mail in their results, and the secretary of state expects the remaining totals sometime today.

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