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Calif.'s 4th District race still unsettled; margin's 451 votes

WASHINGTON — Hanging on to a thin 451-vote lead, California Republican State Sen. Tom McClintock has no plans to declare victory over Democrat Charlie Brown in the race to replace the retiring Republican Rep. John Doolittle in California's Fourth Congressional District.

That's because the McClintock campaign will wait until an unknown number of provisional and all absentee ballots are counted, said Bill George, McClintock’s communications director.

"I've heard between 20 and 40,000 as a rough number, but we don't have the data right now," George said this morning.

He said it's uncertain how quickly all of the ballots can be counted.

"We really don't know," George said.

In the meantime, George said McClintock is "working with the staff here to make sure the vote is counted accurately."

Brown's campaign could not be immediately reached for comment this morning.