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Democrat Perdue has lead in N. Carolina governor's race

Democrat Bev Perdue has jumped to an early lead over Republican Pat McCrory in the race to choose a new North Carolina governor.

With 11 of 100 counties reporting, the race is still too close to call. Lt. Gov. Perdue is leading with 1.2 million votes, or 50.5 percent, to Charlotte Mayor McCrory's 1.1 million votes, or 46.6 percent. Libertarian Michael Munger has 70,682 votes, or 2.8 percent.

Perdue and McCrory are competing to replace two-term Gov. Mike Easley, prohibited by state law to seek a third term.

Perdue is running to become the state's first female governor. But throughout the campaign McCrory painted her as a political insider, rather than a pioneer.

The McCrory campaign's ads claimed that Perdue favored the "staus quo" in North Carolina and said she favored spending money on pork barrel projects. McCrory portrayed the lieutenant governor as a part of the political machine in Raleigh.

Perdue countered that McCrory opposes the state lottery and stem cell research. In addition, her anti-McCrory ads claimed McCrory supports state vouchers for private school education, threatening public schools. She also worked to link McCrory to President Bush.

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