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Despite dissatisfaction, Kentucky voters will keep incumbents

In poll after poll, Americans say they're fed up with Washington and what they see as a corrupt, do-nothing Congress that needs to be tossed. Dozens of House and Senate seats are in play across the country.

Equally cranky Kentuckians — 85 percent, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal's Bluegrass Poll — say the country is on the wrong track. More disapprove of the performance of U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., after 24 years in office than approve.

Yet for all their complaints, there is a decent chance that Kentuckians will march to the polls on Tuesday and re-elect every incumbent in their congressional delegation who's running.

Even in an anti-incumbent election year, Kentucky favors the status quo, for reasons that range from a growing dependence on federal money, the barrels of pork that longtime lawmakers promise to roll home; a lack of serious, well-financed challengers; and an innately conservative, insular nature.

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