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McCain's hope: He must win 5 of 6 states where he trails

Barack Obama leads John McCain in six of eight battleground states, but his lead in most is small and McCain is still within reach of an upset, pollster John Zogby reports Monday.

"McCain is well within striking distance in each of the six states in which he trails," Zogby said. "None of Obama's leads are outside the margin of error. However, unless McCain can take one of the big states won by John Kerry in 2004, such as Pennsylvania, he needs to win these six states. He might be able to survive the loss of Nevada, but probably not any of the others."

His polls found Obama leading in:

  • Florida, 47.2 percent to 46.9 percent
  • Missouri, 48.2 percent to 45.7 percent
  • Nevada, 48.2 percent to 44 percent
  • North Carolina, 49.7 percent to 46.4 percent
  • Ohio, 49.7 percent to 45.1 percent
  • Virginia, 52 percent to 44.8 percent
  • "While his lead over Republican John McCain is less than three points in Florida, Missouri and North Carolina," Zogby said, "These results still point out the daunting task McCain faces to reach the 270 Electoral College votes needed for election."

    Zogby's polls found McCain leading in:

    • Indiana, 50.2 percent to 44 percent
    • West Virginia, 50.3 percent to 40.4 percent
    • The surveys were conducted from Oct. 23-26. Sample sizes in each state ranged from 600-603, with a margin of error of plus or minus 4.1 percentage points.