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Trash disposal becomes issue in N. Carolina governor's race

CHARLOTTE — The latest issue in North Carolina's governor's race is garbage.

Republican Pat McCrory demanded Monday that Democratic rival Bev Perdue remove a new TV ad he called misleading and deceptive. The ad shows trash-filled barges in New York harbor as an announcer says, "It's trash day in New York City. What will they do with all that garbage?...

"McCrory wants to let New York and New Jersey dump their garbage in North Carolina."

Speaking to hundreds of delegates at the North Carolina League of Municipalities convention in Charlotte, McCrory said the ad "trashes not only me about garbage but you."

"You know and I know the ad is deception," he told the city and town officials from across North Carolina.

McCrory has said he would have vetoed the 2007 Solid Waste Management Act. The act, favored by environmentalists, would have restricted the location of new landfills in North Carolina. It was spurred by concerns that private regional landfills would turn the state into one of the country's top five importers of trash.

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