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Foes go after Sen. Chambliss hard

The economy took center stage Thursday night during a rowdy senatorial debate at the Georgia National Fair.

The three candidates sparred before an often cheering, sometimes booing crowd split among partisans, referring to each other's Web sites and arguing over each other's positions.

Incumbent Sen. Saxby Chambliss found himself double-teamed at times, with Democratic nominee Jim Martin and Libertarian Allen Buckley calling him, in Buckley's words, a "loyal soldier" in unpopular President Bush's army.

With the stock market falling again Thursday despite last week's bailout bill - which Chambliss voted for and his opponents said they were against - the economy dominated questions asked by a panel of media members.

Chambliss called the current financial crisis "the 9/11 of our domestic economy" and said something had to be done. He accused his opponents of sticking their head in the stand and said the bailout approved includes adequate controls and assurances that executives won't get golden parachutes from the taxpayers."

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