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Dirty campaign: Did candidate seek voodoo 'death ritual?'

High voodoo priestess George Ann Mills prays the gods will cleanse a Georgia woman who she says asked her to perform a death ritual on a political opponent.

Cobb County, Ga., Commissioner Annette Kesting asked Mills to cause the death of longtime political rival Woody Thompson, Cobb County police said.

Mills, who lives in the Blythewood area, refused to perform the "death ritual" but did perform others intended to help Kesting’s family and financial situation, she said. After checks for payment she received from Kesting bounced, Mills reported the incident to Cobb County police, she said.

But she has asked the gods to help Kesting, putting a photograph of Kesting with a shrine in her bedroom.

She also sacrificed three hens and a rooster as part of cleansing rituals for Kesting, cutting their throats and pouring the blood over the gods, she said.

“I am still trying to help her out because I am a priestess,” Mills said of Kesting. “To live in this world, you got to be pure. You can’t take a person’s life —something you can’t give. You can’t give life, so how can you take it?”

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