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Florida Internet abuzz with voting rules rumors, mostly false

You can't wear a campaign T-shirt when you go vote. Your driver's license must exactly match your voter registration card. New voters who run afoul of Florida's new ''no-match'' law can't vote at all.

None of these voting rumors is true.

Yet Secretary of State Kurt Browning is having a tough time stopping them anyway, saying his office is spending too much staff time responding to all the falsehoods.

Browning said the volume and persistence of rumors ''may be hyped up this year'' because there's no presidential incumbent, because of the viral effect of Internet conspiracy theories and because "Florida is still in the shadows of 2000, which just disgusts me.''

Some of the most unshakable rumors involve the new ''no match'' law. Under the law, the driver's license or Social Security numbers of new voters who registered after Sept. 8 must match their registration cards.

Voters who have a data mis-match are informed by mail of the problem. If it's not cleared up before Election Day, they'll have to cast a provisional ballot. Then, within two days, they'll have to furnish their proper identification to have their votes count.

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