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Two stops, one goal: Capture Missouri

He picked the Truman Library. She went to 18th & Vine.

He welcomed an invitation-only crowd of 200. She spoke to an open-air gathering of 3,000.

Straight policy talk. Election-year cheerleading.

The settings and themes of the twin visits Wednesday from Republican John McCain and Michelle Obama, wife of the Democratic presidential contender, couldn’t have been more different.

McCain's speech inside the main auditorium of the Truman Presidential Museum and Library was stark, all-business and focused chiefly on the financial crisis gripping the nation.

"If we fail to act," he said, "the gears of the economy will grind to a halt."

The crowd before Obama late Wednesday stretched nearly unbroken from Highland Avenue to the Paseo. Her theme was entirely rah-rah: “While we’re all cheering and excited, this isn’t going to be easy. Every hour, every minute, every second counts. … We have a tough opponent.”

The nearly concurrent stops by Obama and McCain in the Kansas City area demonstrated once again the importance of Missouri in the 2008 election.

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