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D/FW Airport might close terminal to save money

Officials at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport may consider closing one of the airport's terminals as they grapple to keep costs down in coming months.

Airport officials are putting the final touches on its budget for fiscal 2009, which begins in October, and they're planning a lot of belt-tightening, thanks to an estimated 7 percent decrease in airline traffic. American Airlines, which operates a hub at D/FW and accounts for more than 80 percent of the facility’s flights, is reducing its capacity later this year because of record fuel prices.

The airline plans to cut 42 flights at D/FW. That means fewer dollars coming in from landing fees and other airline-related sources.

The airport plans to keep its $640 million annual budget flat despite an estimated $24 million increase in costs and $23 million in lost revenue from airline cutbacks.

No layoffs are planned, although the airport will keep a tight rein on hiring.

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