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Obama facing criticism for skipping Fort Hood forum

As Barack Obama was on his way to Houston yesterday for two fundraisers, Republicans elevated their criticism of the Illinois Senator for declining to attend a planned presidential forum near Fort Hood.

McCain had previously agreed to attend a veterans-sponsored town hall meeting in Belton, scheduled for Aug. 11. CBS was arranging to televise it.

Obama's campaign cited a scheduling conflict but has noted his previous events before veterans. The event was finally canceled earlier this week.

On a conference call organized by the Republican National Committee, US Rep. John Carter, R-Round Rock, criticized Obama for not finding a way to attend the event.

"I guess its OK for this presidential candidate to be behind closed doors raising money but its not OK to be out front associating with the families of our soldiers," Carter said. "I think that shows bad judgment for someone expecting to be in charge and commander in chief of our military forces."

A group of national and local military and veterans’ groups had signed on to sponsor the event, including the Military Officers Association of America, the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States, and Veterans for Common Sense.