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Calif. delegate who lost job gets last laugh on Latino outreach

Steve Ybarra got his $20 million after all.

The Democratic superdelegate from Sacramento made national headlines when he put his vote up for sale back in May.

That's when Ybarra announced that either Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Obama could have his support — for a cool $20 million.

The catch: Every penny had to go to voter outreach for Latinos.

Neither candidate took the bait. So Ybarra, a member of the Democratic National Committee, was headed to the Denver convention next month an uncommitted man. "I was ready to abstain," Ybarra said. "Absolutely."

Fast-forward to Tuesday, when the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee announced a plan to spend, you guessed it, $20 million on Latino voter outreach.

"Wow!" Ybarra said when he learned of the spending. "That's amazing."

Ironic, too. His money-for-vote offer cost him his seat on the DNC in a state party executive committee vote last month, he said.

"The folks in D.C. were very upset," said Ybarra, who will keep his post through the national convention.

Not that Ybarra seems to mind. "I get to go (to Denver) and say 'Na, na, nana, na,' " Ybarra beamed.

The Obama campaign rolled out the Latino outreach plan, promising big efforts in swing states such as Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Florida – exactly the states Ybarra wanted targeted.

"Obviously, I am delighted that the senator and his people have figured out that the Latino vote is the vote that decides the election," Ybarra said.

"It's nice to be shown that, guess what, I was right," he added.

Even if it cost him his committee seat.

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