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Is Bob Barr hurting McCain in Texas?

A new Zogby interactive poll shows Barrack Obama holding a nationwide lead in popular vote with 44 percent to John McCain's 38 percent, Bob Barr's 6 percent and Ralph Nader's 1 percent. The rest are undecided.

In Texas, McCain leads with 42 percent to Obama's 39 percent, Barr's 6 percent and Nader's 2 percent.

"It is reasonable to assume that McCain's lead would be bigger if Barr were not in the race, but Texas is not the only place where Barr represents a real threat to McCain," said Fritz Wenzel, communications director for Zogby. "He also wins significant percentages in other key states."

Barr, a former Georgia congressman, is known as one of the leaders who sought impeachment of President Clinton after the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Barr, a former federal prosecutor who was elected to Congress in 1994, said he is encouraged by recent poll numbers.

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