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Charlie Crist is getting married? Maybe this VP talk is serious

TALLAHASSEE — In just the past two weeks, Gov. Charlie Crist has reversed on offshore oil drilling, made national news with a historic Everglades land deal to buy U.S. Sugar, and announced his engagement to his glam girlfriend of nine months for a fall wedding.

Why so many attention-grabbing and even life-changing announcements percolating during the summer lull?

The governor's supporters say it's just Crist being Crist: bold, spontaneous and in charge of a battleground state. Anybody who knows anything about this governor knows he's got a moth-to-the-flame attraction to television cameras and an uncanny timing for media attention.

But there may be one more explanation: Crist is reported to be on Sen. John McCain's shortlist as a potential running mate, and this governor leaves nothing to chance.

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