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In Kentucky, an Obama/Clinton ticket winning support

FRANKFORT — Although U.S. Sen. Barack Obama clinched the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday, staunch Kentucky supporters of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton quickly brightened at the thought of the two candidates teaming up.

Terry McBrayer, a strong Clinton supporter and Democratic superdelegate from Kentucky, said after he spoke Tuesday with "a number of her top people," he considered the likelihood of an Obama-Clinton ticket "pretty high."

"For Obama to win at this point, he really needs her. She's done very well in states he needs to win," McBrayer said, adding that Kentucky would be among those states in which Clinton's presence on the ticket makes a difference. "Sure, it puts us back in play, without question," McBrayer said.

The Associated Press reported that Clinton told key supporters she was "open" to serving as Obama's running mate.

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