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Commentary: Dems' future gets dimmer and dimmer

Memories of the disaffected haunt the Democrats.

Party leaders called it a compromise Saturday, as they divvied up half-votes to delegates from Florida and Michigan and bravely talked of party unity. But the sounds from the back of the room didn't sound like much like togetherness.

Angry Hillary supporters chanted, ''Count Every Vote. Count Every Vote.'' They jeered. They yelled. They made usually comatose C-Span sound as if it was channeling audience reaction from mixed martial arts.

They carried signs like, ''No Nomination Without Representation.'' A demonstrator tossed from the room threatened revenge -- by voting for John McCain.

They were inconsolable. Once again a faction of alienated Democrats equated defeat with betrayal. They sounded as if they'd sooner ruin the party's chances of winning the White House than cozy up with the perfidious sexists who outmaneuvered their candidate.

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