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Kentucky's lieutenant governor endorses Obama

Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo is backing U.S. Sen. Barack Obama in Kentucky's May 20 Democratic primary, the Obama campaign announced on Sunday.

While Mongiardo is not a superdelegate, he is the second key adviser to Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear to announce his support for Obama. Beshear is a superdelegate, but has not yet announced who he favors. Beshear's chief of staff, Jim Cauley, ran Obama's successful 2004 run for U.S. Senate in Illinois.

Mongiardo is a former state senator from Hazard, and his endosement could help Obama in a state where he is not expected to do well against Hillary Clinton.

"I believe Senator Obama can unite the Democratic Party and build a coalition of independents and Republicans to win in November," Mongiardo said in a statement. "A proven leader at working across the partisan aisle, he will bring relief to the hardworking families of Kentucky and a responsible end to the war in Iraq. As a surgeon I am particularly impressed with Senator Obama's plan to deliver health care to all Americans, with an imperative focus on cutting medical costs for all families. It's time for real change in Washington, and Sen. Obama is the candidate to deliver that change."